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How we simplify the process

Our focus is simplifying the home improvement process. Whether you are remodeling to make over your home's appearance, in need of repairs, or simply in need of new finishes, we simplify the process with the following:

 1. Thorough up front assessment of your wants and needs to determine the best solution
 2. Careful and complete job costing to produce an estimate that that eliminates surprises
 3. We do not require a large deposit to enter into a contract. Payments are made once phases or all work is completed
 4. We will help you to get the best prices on the materials for your job
 5. Good communication throughout the process
 6. We think ahead to protect your property and minimize inconvenience
 7. Safety is our number one priority once a job site is opened up
 8. We handle one job at a time to insure that we can be on your site every day until complete (weather permitting)
 9. Accomplished craftsman, able to fulfill at a high quality, multiple disciplines. Carpentry, Drywall, Finishes.
  There is no need to try to find multiple contractors for small to mid sized projects
10.   Experienced project management to oversee any other needed trades, such as plumbing, electrical etc.

All to eliminate the hassle and aggravation normally associated with home improvements!


From the rough work, such as building larger window openings, to the fine finish work, we do it all ourselves in order to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. 

You would be likely to choose us as your contractor if....

  • You have previous experience with home improvement projects and were dissatisfied with response time, compliance with normal or special requests, quality of work, attention to detail, timely completion of job.
  • You appreciate value. You’re not looking for the cheapest bid, however you also do not want to overpay. You understand that quality and service costs a little more, but is worth a lot more.
  • Your time is of the essence. You appreciate the future value of money. You understand that even your leisure time has a dollar value and you do not want it interrupted!
  • You would prefer a full service contractor instead of having to find multiple tradesmen to do a single job. But, you are not interested in paying high mark ups of a general contractor. 
  • You enjoy building relationships. You want to be able to have a certain amount of trust in the people who perform work for you.
  • You want to see visible evidence, right away, that the project is going well. For example; Your property is protected, even the rough work has an orderliness to it. The job site is organized. Things like these will assure you that all is going well.
  • You don’t want to become an expert in construction in order to be in control of the job. You want quantifiable results prior to making payments. 


 Who we are

We are not your typical tradesman. We are not your typical general contractor. Our clients tend to be homeowners looking for the very best value. They don’t want the hassle usually associated with dealing with tradesman / workman / owner operators. And they aren’t interested in the high cost of a general contractor.

 We simplify the process and your search for a remodeler by providing everything you need and want, quickly and at an affordable cost.

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Finishing Trades
  • Master Craftsman
  • Follow up Service
  • The Best Materials at the Best Prices 

Urban Trend, Inc. is a family owned and operated Home Improvement Company, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Owned By Kristen Weaver who manages the administrative side of the business, and operated by her husband Chip Weaver, an expert craftsman and project manager. We have over 18 years in the home remodeling and house painting business.



We installed this crown molding with a stain and varnish finnish. To achieve the rich look, this crown received lots of special treatment.


The joints in the longest pieces were glued up with plywood backing prior to instalation. We did not use any nails on these joints and so they are almost invisible. We fitted each piece, using scrap, as guage blocks to obtain the exact angle needed for a micro tight joint. Only then did we cut the actual piece. The color and sheen was achieved by applying  several coats of stain and slightly opaque varnish prior to installation. Then once it was installed we color puttied the nail holes and applied a final coat of gloss polyurethane. 

Once you try our services, I know you’ll love it, use us again, and refer us to your friends & neighbors!


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Nichoria taking a poorly built deck apart. We rebuilt it correctly!

Chip, finishing up a Cherry Wood floor installation. Our client didn't need to find a floor guy, baseboard guy and painter. We did it all. Simple!


Service Details
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